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After entering a little more money I decided to try some designer clothes and went to an elite place to do business in the city...... is shown with some dresses i huge dressing assistant collected very attractive woman, which led me to the room, but I leave him, he said he needed help, and shut the door behind us, I am a little surprised, but thinking is not used to this way of shopping, which was the norm. I joined my bra and thong and stockings, took the dress and stood near it easier for me in the head, rubbing his hands against my chest, because it smooths and turned to connect the zip, I felt their hands on my back and felt good...... she was standing behind me.... sex2ube I could smell her perfume..... Hands slid over my hips, as she said it was a little loose at once I felt his hands on my ass..... 'Freely here, too, ' she murmered..... I was red at the momentand strangely aroused.... She opened her dress and let him down and leaned forward, as I left, I felt his hand touch my bare ass cheek.... for them the dress is, the upper age was reached...... 'You have to try this bra with the lady, ' she said and unclipped her bra, which fell to the ground and when I looked in the mirror I saw were in my large breasts in the mirror.... semi -hard my nipples..... lifted her dress over her head and held her back, was soft in the ass and his hot breath on my bare back or something..... I sighed when I saw it I look quickly in the mirror.... Our eyes met and maintained, she turned her face and adjust the fine material of my breasts, my nipples hard and erect now....... pressure against the material, 'You have beautiful breasts,' said... and I just saw..... I woke up and my lips..... she came and touched my lips with his finger, and I could not stop quickly in this finger in his mouth.... i sucked slowly and came close to me and replaced his finger with his tongue..... I had never kissed a woman and I was going light on the softness of his lips and tongue on my line. We kissed deeply for a while then with your hands behind me unpack the suit and let them... He fell at my feet and I was standing in just my panties..... They took both of my breasts in his hands and rubbed his thumb pressed on my throbbing nipples...... my eyes were closed and had not played yet, but I grabbed his head and put it in my chest... quicky started sucking and biting the nipples first and then the other... I felt the wetness between her legs...... His mouth was a feast with my nipples again and took my hand and put it between your sex2ube legs...... probing fingers slid into my panties and I just... then sex2ube two fingers and sex2ube thumb rubbing my clit.... my legs felt weak, and I lost my balance a little, as they haveI quickly took to the sex2ube couch and pushed me down, bring it back and i was between my legs, I ripped off my underwear separately sex2ube and wide with his fingers spread my lips, my clit tingling and lowered his head and licking full length from my pussy to my Clitty hole..... Dip your tongue in me, her fingers and then fucks me.... I was writhing with pleasure sex2ube and held her head tightly against my wet pussy as I ate..... nibbled my clit and tongue and fingers inside me.... Then I found.... Waves and waves of orgasm so amazing..... and even when I licked my..... I almost fainted with joy...... took a few minutes to regain composure, stood still and looked at me with his legs outstretched...... She smiled and licked his lips..... quiet, he asked.... - The lady is the dress of change... what really matters to you? '.
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